The Gringos – Latin Fun 7″ EP 1969 / OZ Lounge [ Phillips PE-83 ]

The Gringos – Latin Fun 7″ EP 1969

I found this obscure Australian 45 on my travels yesterday. The Adelaide Four piece consists of  band leader Miguel Salerno
(who also arranges and produces this record), Anna Rys, Marcello & Tommaso Gabellone. The music on the EP is mainly laid back
vocal lounge combined with a bit of a Latin flavored groove. The stand out track to me is  “La La La” which shows another side to the
group and gets a little funky here and there.


27 thoughts on “The Gringos – Latin Fun 7″ EP 1969 / OZ Lounge [ Phillips PE-83 ]

  1. Where did you find this. It was recorded in 1969. I remember the studio and all the sessions we did in Adelaide then. This was just one of many recordings we did for our tv show called Continental Rendevou. Its a small world with lots of water under the bridge since then. Anna

    • Hi Anna,

      I found this in a second hand Record store in Melbourne. If you would like to add some details and background information about the group, I’d love to interview you or get you to write a little bit about the history of Gringos for my website. Please email me cheers Kim

      • Hi Kim,

        I will do. I have lots of info somewhere and will copy it and send it to you on the internet with my biog.

        I am retired now. By the way 7 years ago I put down an album with guitarist George Golla and bassist Ed Gaston. It’s called Precious Moments and was produced by me and John Morrison. If you are interested send me an address to mail you a couple of copies. You seem to be a collector of Aussie Jazz. Regards. Anna

  2. Hi Anna,

    Wow, that’s great to hear. I’d be interested in hearing your album and yes I’d really appreciate a copy . Ed Gaston & George Golla have been involved in many of the Aussie Jazz Albums that I love and they are undoubtedly two of Australia’s best Jazz Musicians. As you can see from my blog I’m really into all sorts of music, especially Aussie Jazz and Funk, but I am very broad in what I listen to. My Postal Address is :
    Kim, Po Box 427,
    Hawthorn, 3122, Vic

    Thanks Kim

    • Hi Tommaso. Thanks for your message. Don’t have a phone no to contact you but please advse Jordie Kilby who has my email address and
      I will try to call. Do you know its over 40 years ago? Please say hello to Marcello. Regards Anna

  3. Hi Anna,

    I (well a group of us) have been looking for info on you guys for about 25 years, to the point of ringing every Rhys and Salerno I could find in the Adelaide book. With a taped (and very overplayed) version of Looking For Someone, one single and one Latin Fun EP. You guys are really difficult to find. Did I mention we love that album?

    Then suddenly Jordie and David Kilbie played you on their excellent ABC show

    I would love it if you could tells us how many records The Gringos put out. We are a bit obsessed in finding out.


    • Hi guys,

      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I will send you a couple of copies next week. The quality Is by far superior to anything I did back then but like so much Ausie jazz never gets played. I do have have copies of if all did but thanks anyway.

      To keep in touch please use my email address

      Thanks for your support


      Anna Rys

      • Hi guys. Sorry I haven’t got back yet but have been so caught up with life as it were. (My mothers is very old with Alzheimer’s) I will try to get a copy to you by Xmas. Jordie is calling me today so we can hook up with the interview. How great is that. Regards Anna

  4. Hi Kim
    I have read emails above and am wondering about getting a copy of The Gringos album or buying your copy, if it is for sale? The Gringos played at my parents restaurant “Papa Luigi’s Bistro” in Alice Springs and stayed at our house in the 1970s. We did have 2 other different albums than the one pictured above but gave them to someone and they were never returned.

  5. Hi Anna,
    Are you the singer from the Gringos? If you are you will remember my parents, your mum also came to Alice Springs we have photos . I would love to get copies of the Gringos albulms.

    • Hi Sarina I Remeber the day’s in Alice they were wonderful & of course your Mum& Dad I Loved the tours there unfortunately our recordings are very hard to find but try the E Bay & maybe you will get luky great to hear from you my love to all Cheers Tommaso.

  6. Hi all I’m Tommaso Gabellone one of the original member of the Gringos Marcello Gabellone my twin & Miguel Salerno the leader The records that hae been realeased on Philips are Introducing The Gringos Ep The Gringos Latin Fun Ep with the introduction of the very talented Anna Rys The Continental Rendezvous Lp Which came of the T.V Show of the same name &Live at the Summit In Sydney /Looking for someone recorded in Sydney & also another album With RCA it was called M.S.Affair Miguel Salerno Affair & that included Miguel Salerno Tommaso & Marcello Gabellone Anna Rys not on the cover Marlyn Andronicus Barry Sutton & the other lady is a stand in model. Sadly My very close dear Friend Miguel Salerno passed away nearly two years ago Marcello& I missed our Gringos member very much when she left. On the 12/12/12 Mr Johrdie Kilbie will be interwieving my self & my brother on the ABC at 1230Pm I.Have so much to talk about but I will leave it there. by the way the ARC Album M.S.Affair is featured on Youtube the song is More bananas Cheers Tommaso.

    • Hi everyone.

      Well its been a very long time. I still have original copies of all our recordings.

      Hi Tommaso. How are you and and your family? Sorry to here about Miguel. I will listen to the program and try to leave a message with my contact details at the ABC. It would be good to talk after all these years

      Fond regards

      Anna Rys

      Sent from my HTC Velocity 4G on the Next G network

      • Hi Anna,

        It’s great to see you’ve all made contact and have heard about the Program feature that will concentrate on the Gringos (hosted by Jordie Kilby). If you can please email me here:, I’ll pass you’re details onto him because I know he was hoping to involve you in the show and would be very excited to hear from you.

        Cheers Kim

      • Hi Anna what a lovely supprise to hear from you and that you are all ok, I do have all the copies of the gringos recordings all but The live at The Summit & the Latin fun Ep & as you know this EP was sold by Max Pepper I’m sure you remember him For $29.00 wow. if you are on the hook up on the 12th of this month re ABC interview it would be great, for now from me to you & my family I wish you the very best For Chrissy xxxxx Tommaso

  7. Hi Tommaso. Thanks for your message. Don’t have a phone no to contact you but please advse Jordie Kilby who has my email address and
    I will try to call. Do you know its over 40 years ago? Please say hello to Marcello. Regards Anna

    • Frustrations with such small print. Ignore the last message. Please send an email address so I can contact you and get your phone no. Would like to before the hook up.


  8. Hi Anna, Tommaso, and Marcello, oh my goodness, I have been trying to find you guys for years. Do you remember when you performed in Darwin in 1970-1971? My name is Marsha and my father was the station manager for Pan Am. You used to to come over and hang out an our house all the time. You loved my mother’s spaghetti! Please email me at and let’s catch up with one another please? By the way, I did have your album until I moved a few years ago when my sister threw it away. I was so mad at her for doing that.

  9. Hi Marsha I’m Tommaso Marcello twin brother & i think you you used to call him ShityI kid i do remember you wow what a turn around now the Gringos have done a full cirlcle I’m sure you were working as a receptionist & i do remenber your flamboyant sister & also remenber your Dad & very happy go luky mum again lovely to hhave reaed from you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tommaso.

  10. Ciao Tommaso, Thanks for answering my remarks. Funny thing, I was just going through my photo albums the other day and saw pictures of all of us clowning around at my parents’ home. Pictures of you three taking turns sitting on Suzie, the elephant. Remember that? We sure did have fun. My mother always wanted to pluck Marcello’s eyebrows and he wouldn’t let her LOL Please, you and your brother email me. Would love to know what happened to you all – how many children, what do you do, etc. My parents are both deceased now – mom 19 years and dad 18 years this month. Remember I left Darwin to marry my fiance, the Indonesian guy? I lived there 13 years. I have two children, a boy and a girl, and two grandsons. Big hug to you and your brother. Ciao and aloha, Marsha

    • Hi Marsha Just to let you know this Sunday Night not sure of the time you can listen The Gringos Interview on ABC Radio National Ciao for now Tommaso

      • Ahh, Tommaso, I wish you had emailed me at my yahoo address with the info as I check my email everyday. I only check here for a response once a week so I missed your info. Next time, email me to my yahoo address ok? Thanks. Ciao, Marsha

  11. Hi there Tommaso, wow it has been two years since our last email. How are you and your brother doing Would love to hear from you both. Aloha from Las Vegas.

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