Rob Thomsett “Yaraandoo” LP [Roundtable Records]


Rob Thomsett / Yaraandoo

From deep within the Australian Outback comes Yaraandoo, the 40,000 year-old sound of antediluvian Aboriginal folklore channelled through Mellotron, hypnotic washes of Moog oscillations, Bamboo flutes and tape delay. Welcome to the unearthed, unheard of and undefinable genre of Australian Dreamtime Psych…. Re-presented for the first time, The Roundtable announce a much anticipated reissue of this mythical Australian Lo-fi concept recording composed by Jazz guitarist Rob Thomsett. Working in a similar impressionistic mode as other Australian originals Sven Libaek and John Sangster, Thomsett sets to music the Aboriginal Dreamtime myth of Yaraandoo, The legend of the dawn of creation. Self recorded on a two track in 1974 then privately pressed and distributed amongst friends, Yaraandoo is without a doubt the most desired and speculated Australian progressive recording in existence. With only 100 handmade LP copies originally pressed, copies of this phenomenal LP rarely surface. Yaraandoo is a true lost timepiece from the Australian underground.

The Roundtable. A reissue label dedicated to unearthing lost and underground recordings from the 1960′s & 70′s. Focusing mainly on Australian music but never forgetting lost recordings from around the globe. From obscure film scores to Musique Concrete, from psych to lost private press oddities.


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