Renee Geyer – S/T LP [1973 Debut Solo Album]


“In 1970, at the age of 16, Geyer’s singing career began as a vocalist with jazz – blues band Dry Red, She soon left Dry Red for other bands including the more accomplished jazz-rock group Sun. Sun consisted of Geyer, George Almanza (piano), Henry Correy (bass guitar), Garry Nowell (drums), Keith Shadwick (sax, flute, clarinet, vocals) and Chris Sonnenberg (guitar). The group released one album,  Sun 1972 in August 1972, Geyer had already departed in mid-1972 and later joined Mother Earth”.

Mother Earth consisted of Renee Geyer, Jim Kelly on guitar (who would later become part of the Renee Geyer Band), David Lindsay on bass guitar, John Proud  on drums and Mark Punch on guitar & vocals. When Renee left Sun to record her debut solo album for RCA Records,  she insisted that Mother Earth back her on the album. The album “Renee Geyer”, was recorded in Sydney and release in September 1973. After the success of her album she left Mother Earth to pursuit her solo career.

Renee Geyer – Wikipedia

Renee Geyer – Official Website


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