Rodriguez – “Alive” LP [Live In Australia] 1979


This is the Rarest Rodriguez album and a hard one to find even in Australia.  “Alive” was recorded Live in Sydney, Australia while Rodriguez was on tour in 1979. It was released on the Blue Goose Record Label to coincide with his 1980 Australian tour.  The albums release was strictly limited to Australia and New Zealand and Rodriguez restricted the pressing license to Blue Goose Records to one year period and due to poor record sales very few copies seem to surface these days.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information available about this record so i hope this is helps answer a few questions. I’ve added some photo’s which include the cover, record labels and the liner notes. Supposedly there is also a tape release but I’ve never seen a copy myself.

Liner Notes

RODRIGUEZ – ALIVE (Vinyl Release)

Label: Blue Goose Music
Catalog#: BGM 003
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Country: Australia
Released: 1979


A1 Can’t Get Away 2:30
A2 Street Boy 3:48
A3 Like Janis 5:00
A4 I Think Of You 3:24
A5 I’ll Slip Away 3:53
B1 A Most Disgusting Song 2:32
B2 Forget It 2:49
B3 Inner City Blues 3:44
B4 Half Way Up The Stairs 5:25
B5 To Whom It May Concern 2:34


3 thoughts on “Rodriguez – “Alive” LP [Live In Australia] 1979

  1. wow and WOW. Thats really sums this record up. I held this album in my hands at the local store but couldnt afford it. I had to settle for the tape version. I converted the tape to cd and now have it as Mp4. It is my favourite album. I have been looking for the Lp version for so long. When i talk to 2nd hand record shops they struggle to know this was released.
    If you are interested in selling please let me know. It is on my bucket list to own this record. I have the tape but doesnt come near the LP.

    As for the music. This man is a god. His music is so relaxing and always makes me smile. i hope one day to see him in concert but seeing h im back in australia will be next to impossible.

    Again thats for posting this album. Please let me know if you wish to sell. I promise it will be well looked after.



  2. Nev, Pretty sure he’s playing in Aus at the moment at the east coast blues and roots festival. seriously considered flying over from WA and forking out for the whole thing just to see him but to many other commitments unfortunately. Hope the info helps. It might have been last weekend or this one, can’t remember.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I am actually heading to Sydney on Monday to see him Tuesday. So stoked that I will get to see him perform live. I am travelling from Onslow Wa. Just can’t wait.

      Thanks again


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